On Spot Guidance & Training

Amarakosha Driving Institute has most competent driving instructors available 24/7 for the guidance and assistance of the driving students who provide them necessary skill set required for being a sophisticated and licensed driver. Our on spot training and training programs are exemplary amongst other driving institutes and is supported by our satisfied clients. Special attention is paid to each and every individual to maximize the output as we consider it our responsibility to produce decent drivers.

Road Test Services

Practice always makes a man perfect. This is what we always believe in at Amarakosha Driving Institute. For the purpose of producing efficient drivers, we provide the testing services for our clients to get the maximum output and minimize the chances of failure at the time of license tests. We provide pick and drop services for taking tests to our clients. Our road testing services have produced enormous results as depicted in results of license exams.

Driving Lessons

To become a great driver, one need not only practical learning of driving but also theoretical studies which covers all the basics and advanced level of road traffic and driving. Both these aspects of learning are essential component of becoming a competent driver with required skilled set. We at Amarakosha Driving Institute provide both these aspects from our group of qualified instructors who provide guidance and assistance step by step.

1:1 Car to Student Ratio

One of the most important factor of our success as a competent driving institute in the area our 1:1 Car to Student Ratio which ensures that our students and clients get the maximum benefit from our qualified instructors in terms of learning. This thing focuses our instructors’ attention to each and every individual student driver and in turn it results in success of our client.