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Amarakosha Driving Institute is one of the leading driving schools with best driving instructor in Bronx and competitive driving lessons in Bronx. By looking at today’s increasing number of cars and traffic, the challenges are getting difficult day by day. Therefore, it is important that you need to drive safely becoming a responsible civilian of the society. Thus, at Amarakosha Driving Institute, we understand today’s traffic and the importance of driving safely and fulfill all your requirements to battle those challenges in a right manner.

Why We Rock

You’ll never have to wait at the bus stop in bad weather again after you learn to drive at our driving school. We make it so easy. Yes, you can do it with our help!
At our driving school we have decent prices and friendly people for Driver training in Bronx and that makes all the difference for you and your experience.
We offer best driving courses in Bronx. With us you’ll feel relaxed both in our classrooms and behind the wheel. We make driver training in Bronx easy and fun.
We make it easy and time saving for you to get the best driving lessons in Bronx today.
You won’t be bored or stressed in our classrooms. Because we have multi-media lessons and friendly driving instructor in Bronx!
Once you finish our Class and Defensive Driving courses, you’ll reduce your insurance costs or demerit points.
We take the fear out of winter driving. We can teach you how to drive on icy and slippery roads.
We offer a bunch of driving courses in Bronx.

If you have never driven before or perhaps you lack confidence on the road, or preparing for the road test, or failed the road test, then don’t worry Amarakosha Driving Institute will deliver premium quality services and meets all your needs. Unlike most other driving schools, we offer a complete package designed to help you through every aspect of the learning to drive process. We also offer free pick up and drop off anywhere in the city. Now, there is no need to waste time in traffic rather booking your slot and we will send our drivers to pick you up from your concerned location.

We have a team of passionate and dedicated professionals who are always committed towards delivering the high quality instruction, equipment, facilities and memorable experiences. Their unique way of teaching will help you learn the basic knack for driving safely and with confidence in only few lessons. We specialize in safe and defensive driver’s education programs for teens and adults. Our staff and instructors are truly the best in the city of Edmonton.

Our Expert Driving Instructors Will Be Teaching You Some Good Habits Of:

Speed control, proper seeing habits
looking up to read the road ahead
looking up to read the road ahead
looking up to read the road ahead
the cautions when driving in residential areas
watching for pedestrians, playground and school zones
traffic light intersections
the safe and confident way to changing lanes
the proper way of entering and exiting traffic circle
one-way and two-way streets
confidence to drive in high volume traffic
Smooth acceleration without riding on the brake

Road Test Services
Road Test Services

Practice always makes a man perfect. This is what we always believe in at Amarakosha Driving Institute. For the...


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